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Stage – ID1: Define the Need

It is important to identify user needs and understand what drives your audience. This is why, healthcare experts are constantly working towards recognizing new clinical requirements that need improving as technology moves on. However, sometimes those working outside the healthcare sector may also see a medical application suited to their industry that could benefit from help or advice.

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Task Overview

Conduct a literature review to identify the size of the problem and any existing solutions. Reviewing the professional and academic literature in your field will give you a better understanding of the clinical need for your innovation.

What you need to do:

When conducting your review, think about your own business strategy:

  • What is the nature and scope of my customer needs?
  • How do my customer needs differ between different groups and individuals?
  • How might my customer needs change and evolve over time?
  • Who might be my current and potential competitors?
  • What are the opportunities for growth?