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Stage – ID1: Define the Need

It is important to identify user needs and understand what drives your audience. This is why, healthcare experts are constantly working towards recognizing new clinical requirements that need improving as technology moves on. However, sometimes those working outside the healthcare sector may also see a medical application suited to their industry that could benefit from help or advice.

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Task Overview

The “Wouldn’t It Be Great If” (WIBGI) workshops are designed to provide first-hand knowledge of NHS based staff’s needs. These WIBGI sessions are commissioned by the NIC and run at various times during the year.

What you need to do:

  • NIC led WIBGI sessions and Engagement Events are advertised on our Competitions page under Calls to Action. To register your interest simply click on the relevant Call to Action and follow the registration instructions.
  • To request a WIBGI session simply contact us direclty and we can discuss your requirements.
  • At the WIBGI session:
    • Find out if the problem you’re looking at is a symptom of a different larger one
    • Think about involving or finding other people to help, e.g. consider a more formal review or design appraisal
    • Potentially discover ‘problems’ you hadn’t thought of
  • After the session, review results and apply the findings to your innovation


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