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Stage – ID2: Design the Solution

Design is a vital part of the product development process, and can be defined as the formulation of an idea as a solution to a problem, or as a way of doing things better. In this context companies providing project, business or technology management services can be said to be involved in design.

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Task Overview

Doing preliminary market research and defining your target markets, distribution methods, sales potential, competitive products, etc will help predicate how successful your product will be.

What you need to do:

Answer the following:

  • What is your product’s wider clinical need? A successful business needs to sell nationally and internationally, so don’t just focus on addressing local problems.
  • What are the user benefits for your product? For example, ease of use, better outcomes and improved patient experience.
  • What data can you obtain about the market’s scope, size and nature? Documented confidential interviews with potential users and purchasers about the potential of your idea are invaluable.
  • What is your ‘Unique Selling Proposition’ (USP) and why would consumers prefer your product over the competition? Be constructively critical – inventors have a strong tendency to favour their own ideas.
  • How will your product generate income? Large capital equipment might be difficult to sell unless you discount its cost and sell consumables at a ‘marked up’ price.
  • Should the product be single-use or multi-use? Is there an opportunity to sell spare parts or run a maintenance business as part of post-sales support?