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Stage – ID2: Design the Solution

Design is a vital part of the product development process, and can be defined as the formulation of an idea as a solution to a problem, or as a way of doing things better. In this context companies providing project, business or technology management services can be said to be involved in design.

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Task Overview

You need to be sure your product idea is yours. Very few ideas are truly unique. You’ll also need to research and show a clear argument for the ownership of your idea.

What you need to do:

  • Check out the UK Intellectual Property Office and any publications in the area you’re considering. IP rights need to be established before you engage with a commercial partner, so think about whether your idea infringes anyone else’s IP. Only discuss your idea with trusted advisers and with a non-disclosure agreement in place. Remember that if the technology is already in the public domain (including by publication or presentation) its commercial value may well be diminished.
  • Gather evidence to describe the opportunity for your idea by addressing:
    • Its clinical and economic benefits
    • Other possible clinical problems for which it may be a solution
    • Other approaches or products that already address the clinical problem
    • Any competing products (costs, market penetration, etc.)
    • Possible technologies and materials to use.
  • Consider doing primary research (interviews with potential users and purchasers) to develop your ideas further.

Medical literature can be hard to understand and you may need to seek help from friendly healthcare professionals.