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Stage – ID2: Design the Solution

Design is a vital part of the product development process, and can be defined as the formulation of an idea as a solution to a problem, or as a way of doing things better. In this context companies providing project, business or technology management services can be said to be involved in design.

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Task Overview

The NIC Assessment tool allows innovators to submit their ideas for further practical and financial support from the NIC. Submitting your idea has a number of benefits including:

  • An independent assessment and appraisal of the innovation by an expert panel brought together from the NHS, Industry and Academia
  • Unrivalled access to NHS clinicians and healthcare expertise
  • Practical advice on how to develop your innovation
  • Access to pre commercial development funding for innovations which can demonstrate significant clinical benefits
  • Prior to submitting your idea we recommend you discuss your innovation with a member of the NIC team who can provide expert advice and support. For more information go to Submit Ideas


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