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Stage – ID5: Distribute the Product

This stage includes not only manufacture, quality control, packaging and distribution throughout the product's lifecycle, but also legal, financial, business development, training and other support activities.

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Task Overview

Competitors may be targeting your customer by developing new products or redeveloping existing ones. Being ready to change and innovate is vital to stay ahead.

What you need to do:

  • Strengthen your business and capitalise your cash flow by developing new products within your target market.
  • Consider enhancing the product in response to:
    • user experience and change requests
    • analysis of faults, errors and critical incidents
    • production schedules
    • change to regulatory environment
    • new materials or technologies
    • commercial competition
    • the need for improving productivity and profitability
  • If necessary, set about product redesign in a logical manner, and always with diversification into other markets in mind.
  • Carry out a risk analysis for each design change to identify the need for additional testing and regulatory compliance.