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Stage – ID5: Distribute the Product

This stage includes not only manufacture, quality control, packaging and distribution throughout the product's lifecycle, but also legal, financial, business development, training and other support activities.

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Task Overview

Retaining satisfied customers is essential for maintaining a profitable business. You need to ensure you can meet product supply needs, provide customer support and ensure appropriate regulations are followed for handling any complaints.

What you need to do:

Work out your distribution strategy:

  • Decide where to sell directly and where to sell through third-party distribution, as most small companies will choose for overseas markets.
  • Find the best distribution partner(s) and then negotiate appropriate terms, including a commitment to receive a certain product volume.
    • Negotiate the unit cost so as to leave the distribution partner sufficient margin for enthusiastic marketing.
  • Be able to forecast supply needs

Set up customer support channels:

  • Consider a help desk
  • A package of materials for distributor training
  • An internet site with FAQs, etc.