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Developing a Support Package

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Developing an effective support package ensures that your innovation achieves the best possible start in its market. This guide covers the key activities involved with creating and implementing a successful support package.

In brief

  1. Plan the product launch
  2. Prepare background resources
  3. Work with purchasing and pricing agencies


The take-up of an innovation often depends on the start it has in its market. This is why it is essential to plan and implement a complete and carefully considered package of training, advice and other resources.

Plan the product launch

You may choose to have a very low key product launch with only identified first-adopter customers or you may opt for a big fanfare with coordinated advertising, exhibiting, and distribution. Either way, make sure that all the key resources are available. Launching an incomplete or unevaluated product can be very damaging.

Prepare background resources

Develop the full package of training materials, training resources, patient advice, promotional materials etc required to support the use of your product. Initial satisfaction with a product often depends on initial training. This is why the package of supporting information can be as important as the product itself.

Working with purchasing and pricing agencies

Develop intelligence and contact with the appropriate purchasing and pricing agencies in the healthcare markets to ensure that your product reaches the patient at a price that will sustain the business. If necessary, engage in initial volume and cost/benefit analyses and discussions, and acquire the information to support your position. Some form of health technology assessment or clinical evaluation may be required and you are likely to need specialist advice for overseas markets. By gaining approval from a national purchasing and pricing agency, you can achieve widespread use of your product and strengthen its market position.